Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement of a 6-month VAT cut from 20% to 5% for hospitality and tourism.

Businesses which will benefit include pubs and restaurants, as well as ticketed events and attractions.

Mr Crawford has campaigned for VAT to be scrapped on hospitality and tourism for a number of years, with the industry playing a key role in the local Stirling economy.

Commenting, he said:

“I’m pleased that the Chancellor has listened to the calls of the SNP and others, and has offered this VAT holiday. It is a start, but a more permanent arrangement for a reduction or abolition of VAT for these industries is what’s needed to support jobs and growth in areas like Stirling.

“Having written to previous Tory Chancellors on this issue in the past, it was clear that, despite understanding the potential benefits, no such reduction in VAT was ever intended. It has taken a global pandemic and looming financial crisis for this government to wake up and smell the VAT-reduced coffee.

“I’m hopeful that, as we continue to make huge progress in suppressing the virus here in Scotland, and as more cafes, pubs, restaurants, and other visitor attractions begin to open over the next few weeks, more and more people come to visit the Stirling area, helping to reignite our vibrant economy.”