Local councillor Evelyn Tweed and MSP Bruce Crawford

Local MSP Bruce Crawford and local Councillor Evelyn Tweed have warmly welcomed an announcement from the First Minister, on fresh upcoming support for B&B and short-term lets.

During a question session in the Scottish Parliament, Mr Crawford emphasised to the First Minister the importance of tourism to Stirling’s local economy, and enquired regarding specific sectoral support.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that tourism was indeed a valuable contributor in Stirling, and indeed across Scotland, and confirmed that a scheme would be forthcoming to support small accommodation providers who pay council tax.

Details of the new support scheme will be announced in due course.

Local SNP MSP for Stirling Bruce Crawford said:

‘This is good news, and I’m pleased the First Minister acknowledged the powerful contribution the tourism industry makes to the wider Scottish economy. Small businesses across Stirling are struggling through the pandemic, and any fresh announcements of support will be extremely welcome indeed.’

Evelyn Tweed, local councillor and SNP candidate for the Stirling constituency seat at the upcoming May 2021 election said:

Rural Stirling is absolutely stunning, and it’s little wonder visitors from all over Scotland wish to soak it in for themselves. The pandemic has hit the local tourism sector hard, and I welcome the announcement from the First Minister regarding further support schemes.

‘With vaccination rates climbing steadily higher, and the national picture gradually improving, it’s my belief that the best days for Stirling’s tourism businesses lie just ahead. We must continue to support otherwise viable businesses, not just in the tourism sector but across Stirling, to protect jobs and livelihoods and secure a strong economic recovery from Covid-19.’

Notes: You can watch the clip here.