Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has called on Network Rail to take serious action in tackling the spread of Giant Hogweed on its land.


Mr Crawford has received a number of complaints from residents in Causewayhead as Giant Hogweed on Network Rail land has grown worryingly close to gardens and houses.


Mr Crawford has written to Network Rail, asking them to address the problem.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“This is becoming an annual occurrence at this location. Giant Hogweed is a stubborn invasive species and it takes serious action to eradicate it completely.


“A number of my constituents have this dangerous plant growing near to their gardens and homes, this is an unacceptable position to be in.


“In recent years, when I have raised this with them, Network Rail have undertaken measures to address the Giant Hogweed growing on their land in the Causewayhead area, but more action must be taken to eradicate it completely.


“Contact with Giant Hogweed can cause serious injury, and the longer it is left to grow near residential properties, the more likely it is that it will sprout in people’s gardens the following year – that would be totally unacceptable.


“I hope that Network Rail take the action necessary to cut down the chances of a reappearance of Giant Hogweed in this area again next year.”

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