Pupils and staff from Stirling High School has a tour of the Scottish Parliament recently, meeting their local MSP Bruce Crawford.


Pupils, Igor Majewdki, Aaron Simpson, Shannon McKechnie, Courtney Healy, Amy Letford, Sophie Henny, Pauline Evans and Aaron Higgins, with teaching staff Pauline Evans and Aaron Higgins, met Mr Crawford and were given a tour of the Parliament.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“It was fantastic to host Stirling High at Holyrood, both the pupils and the staff had a range of interesting questions for me about how the Parliament works and about politics in general.


“School visits to Parliament are important in terms of demonstrating how our democracy works. Many pupils who visit are either of voting age already or are future voters – or even MSPs themselves!


“I’d encourage local schools in the Stirling Constituency to contact my office if they’d like to discuss a parliamentary visit.”