Responding to the Draft EU Withdrawal Deal, agreed between UK Government negotiators and the European Union, Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford said:


“Theresa May is presenting Parliament with a false choice between a bad deal or no deal at all. To take Scotland out of the Single Market, a country that voted so strongly to remain in the EU, demonstrates an unforgivable unwillingness to compromise in the national interest.


“Indeed, this draft deal doesn’t even mention Scotland once. 


“The UK Government’s own impact analysis shows that this approach will cause serious damage to Scotland’s economy. If the UK Government is willing to keep Northern Ireland in the Single Market, why not Scotland? That would be the least-worst of all options if we are to leave the EU.


“This is a deal that cannot be accepted by any MP who claims to stand up for Scotland’s interests. However, neither is it the case that a deeply damaging no-deal exit from the EU is acceptable.


“SNP MPs are instead putting pressure on the UK Government to go back to the negotiating table and reach a deal that delivers for Scotland’s needs.”


Mr Crawford has raised his concerns with regards to the Draft Brexit Deal in the Scottish Parliament with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and with the Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell.