A new report on local police numbers has revealed that the SNP Government has protected the number of officers patrolling the Forth Valley area.


Whilst the Tory Government in Westminster has cut the number of officers in England substantially by up to 16%, resulting in a rise in reported and violent crime, Forth Valley officer numbers have risen slightly from 633 in 2013 to 635 in the latest report released this year.


Welcoming the figures, Stirling SNP MSP Bruce Crawford said: 


“The SNP was first elected as Scotland’s Government in 2007 on a promise to increase the number of police officers. We have done that and the proof is in the pudding in terms of the benefits that this has brought to our communities. 


“Overall reported crime across Scotland is now at a 43 year low, weapons offences in the Stirling area have decreased by 64%, and rural crime has fallen in Scotland, where in England it has continued to rise. 


“Contrasting what we have achieved in Scotland with that is happening south of the border, and we have seen the Tory Government cutting police office numbers, resulting in crime going up. 


“Our communities deserve the best possible protection and that’s why I am proud of the SNP record on making our streets safer.”


Convener of Public Safety on Stirling Council, SNP Councillor Maureen Bennison added: 


“It is very welcome news indeed that the SNP Government has protected police numbers in our area, resulting in the safest streets we’ve had for over 40 years.


“Challenges in policing are ever-changing and I will continue to work with Police Scotland in my capacity as Public Safety Chair to ensure that the needs of communities are heard and that we can work together to keep our streets safe.”