Stirling MSP, Bruce Crawford, has raised safety concerns over the future of Trident Nuclear Weapons Convoys passing through the Stirling area.


Whilst taking part in a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the matter on Wednesday (2nd May), Mr Crawford highlighted the response from Stirling Council in a recent report produced by Nukewatch in which the local authority suggested that nuclear convoys were safer whilst resting at MOD Forthside.


The response said:


“Given that the convoy is at rest within a secure MOD facility and retains the same level of security, it is assessed that the rest stop presents no additional risk in terms of the convoy. It may be argued in fact that the risk to the convoy is reduced whilst in this facility.”


However, as Mr Crawford pointed out during his speech, the UK Government intends to close MOD Forthside entirely in 2022:


“It is obvious that there is far less risk of an attack at an MOD facility than there is on a public road. However, the UK Government is set to close MOD Forthside entirely in 2022. Where will the convoys be expected to take rest stops thereafter? What would the findings of a risk assessment be then?”


Mr Crawford has since written to the Defence Secretary, raising concerns about the future of rest-stops for Nuclear Weapons Convoys in the Stirling area.


Commenting, he said:


“These weapons of mass destruction can never truly be safe. They are understandably a cause of great concern for many communities across the Stirling Constituency as well as Trident convoys regularly pass through the area.


“Stirling Council clearly consider the convoy to be slightly safer when parked at MOD Forthside due to being at a secure facility. However, with the closure of this facility looming, I am even more concerned about what plans the MOD has for convoys taking such rest stops in future.


“Just last year, a man was fined £200 for laying underneath a convoy truck as it made its way through Stirling City. When they are out on the road, people are capable of touching these things – what a terrifying prospect.


“I have written to the Defence Secretary, raising my concerns, and look forward to a detailed response. However, make no mistake, the only way to ensure that nuclear weapons no longer pose a risk to our towns and villages, is to rid our country of them once and for all.”

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