Following a street surgery in the new Kildean housing estate, Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has responded to complaints from local residents that the area has experienced a smell from the drainage system in the area of the top of Kildean Road.


Mr Crawford wrote to the developer, Barratt Homes, who have responded to confirm that they have undertaken work to clear the system of household waste and debris that had affected the pumping system within the Highland Gate Development.


Barratt Homes have assured Mr Crawford that they have written to residents to offer advice about waste, and have arranged for their Construction Manager to inspect the chamber regularly to ensure that there are no ongoing issues.


Commenting, Mr Crawford said:


“The Highland Gate Development offers brand new quality homes for people, and is a great location to raise a family. However, it was clear that the unpleasant smell was cause for concern amongst residents.


“I am pleased that Barratt Homes responded quickly to my letter, raising this matter. I am hopeful that the situation has been addressed now that the suspected cause – the debris – has been removed, and that there will be no further foul smelling incidents, allowing people to enjoy their lovely new homes.”