Local residents in Carron Valley have expressed their anger following the destruction of a recreational path through the Sauchieburn Estate.


Estate activity, including logging, appears to be to blame as the only recreational walking path through the area has been decimated in sections.


Local MSP Bruce Crawford has written to the chief Executive of Stirling Council for advice on what can be done to prevent any further destructive activity and ensure the destroyed path is restored.


Commenting, he said:


“The images I have received are very disappointing. The relationship between local people in Carron Valley and the surrounding environment is a very precious thing. What has happened to this path is very sad indeed.


“I look forward to receiving a response from Stirling Council officers about what, if any, routes can be explored to stop this from happening again.”


Council Leader Scott farmer said:


“This is the accepted recreational route through the area, therefore what has happened is completely unacceptable.


“If it is the case that the Estate’s own activity has destroyed this path, I would hope that they would in good faith restore it as soon as possible.


“I will ensure that Stirling Council officers will explore every avenue to ensure that this matter is rectified for the good of our local communities.”