The Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal, between the Scottish Government, Stirling Council and the UK Government has been signed off today (31st May). The heads of terms of the Deal will see a total Government cash investment of £90.2 million into the area from the Scottish and UK Governments.

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford, Stirling Council Leader Scott Farmer, Clackmannanshire Council Leader Ellen Forson and Cabinet Secretary Keith Brown at the singing of the City Region Deal

The Scottish Government has committed £45 million to the City Region Deal, with an additional £5 million for infrastructure in Callander and enterprise innovation at Kildean Business Park – making a total Scottish Government contribution of £50 million.

The Deal was signed by the Scottish Government, the UK Government, and Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils

In contrast, the UK Government committed £40 million to the Deal in cash, with the land of the soon-to-be-disused MOD Forthside notionally valued at £5 million.

The total cash commitment on the Stirling and Clacks City Region Deal is £50 million from the Scottish Government and £40 million from the UK Government – £90 million in total

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford raised this in the Scottish Parliament during First Minister’s Questions. In response, the First Minister said: 

We were hoping to see a UK Government investment of £50 million pounds, that’s what we were expecting and indeed that’s what we were prepared to commit, that is what the Scottish Government have committed, so it is disappointing that the UK government has committed to significantly less than that. In fact if you look at the Scottish Government’s overall commitment to City Growth deals now, it stands at £1.3bn compared to just a billion from the UK Government. So we will continue to encourage the UK Government to do more, but we will not hold back in giving these cities and these regions the investment they deserve.”

Bruce Crawford MSP raises the fact that the UK Government have over promised and under delivered on the City Region Deal with the First Minister in the Scottish Parliament

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“I am pleased that the heads of terms of the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal has now been signed – we can now work to deliver in the investment made available, which is a real vote of confidence in the local economy and will hugely benefit communities.


“The Scottish Government has committed £45 million to this Deal which includes investment in our local culture, tourism and heritage industry as well as the digital district, active travel improvements, and a regional digital hub programme.


“In addition to this, the Scottish Government has announced additional investment of £5 million to infrastructural development in Callander and enterprise development in Kildean – bringing the total Scottish Government commitment to £50 million.


“In contrast, once the notional valuation of MOD Forthside is discounted, the total cash contribution of the UK Government is only £40 million.


“I am deeply disappointed in the UK Government’s commitment here. They have over promised and under delivered.


“People across the Stirling and Clackmannanshire area will rightly question the Tory UK Government’s commitment to the area following the level of their contribution to the City Region Deal.”

Bruce Crawford MSP, Cabinet Secretary Keith Brown MSP, Stirling Council Leader Scott Faremr and Stirling Provost Christine Simpson


The City Region Deal, what will it fund?
A number of projects and investments have been identified for both the Stirling area and Clackmannanshire. 

The cash commitments are as follows:

Scottish Environment Centre
£17M from the Scottish Government and £5M from the UK Government

Digital District
£2M from the Scottish Government

Regional Digital Hub Programme
£2M from the Scottish Government

Culture, Tourism and Heritage Investment
£15M from the Scottish Government

Aquaculture Centre at Stirling University
£17M from the UK Government

Active travel improvements at the river
£7M from the Scottish Government

Regional Skills & Inclusion Programme
£1.9M from the Scottish Government

Regional Energy Masterplan (mapping energy needs for future targeted investment)
£0.2M from the Scottish Government

Tartan Centre
£10M from the UK Government

Clackmannanshire Fund
£8M from the UK Government

Department of Work and Pensions pilot programme
£0.1M from the UK Government

Additional £5 million from the Scottish Government:
£2.5 million for infrastructural developments in Callander
£2.5 million for enterprise investment at Kildean Business Park

Economy Secretary Keith Brown MSP announces additional funding alongside the Deal for Callander and Kildean Business Park