Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford joined a protest outside Holyrood last week, following the decision of Westminster MPs to proceed with the UK Government’s Brexit Bill, which takes powers from the Scottish Parliament.


In a series of votes on Tuesday, MPs overturned a number of amendments made by the House of Lords to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.


The Scottish Parliament voted to reject legislative consent to the Bill for the first time in its history, on the basis that it threatened the devolution settlement.


The EU Withdrawal Bill takes powers over agriculture, fishing, environmental matters and food standards – that are devolved to Holyrood – and places them in the hands of Westminster.


Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford convenes the Finance and Constitution Committee in the Scottish Parliament, which recommended that MSPs do not grant consent to the UK Government Bill on the basis that it “is not compatible with the devolution settlement”.


Mr Crawford joined a number of MSPs can campaigners at the front entrance to the Scottish Parliament to protest the move.


Commenting, he said:


“This is the first time since devolution that Westminster has moved to take powers off of Holyrood, without the consent of the Scottish Parliament. It is an affront to our democracy and fundamentally changes the nature of the devolved settlement – which people in Scotland voted for in 1997.


“Every MSP of every party – except the Tories – voted to reject this legislation from the UK Government on the basis that it takes powers away from our devolved Parliament. Ignoring the will of Scotland’s democratically elected Parliament will carry severe political consequences for the Tories – who have put their Party first, regardless of the consequences for Scotland.


“I was proud to stand alongside MSP colleagues and campaigners in demonstrating against this naked power grab of devolved responsibilities.”