Scottish Water have responded to a letter from Bruce Crawford MSP to Chief Executive Douglas Millican, following reports of severe flooding on the road through Lochearnhead at the end of last year.


Mr Crawford was contacted by locals who were worried about the safety of the road, parts of which were submerged in water.


Scottish Water have since responded to the incident, and have replied to Mr Crawford, highlighting that the flooding was due to a build-up of debris, which has now been removed.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“I am pleased that Scottish Water responded swiftly to this issue, which was a cause for clear concerns amongst locals in Lochearnhead over the Christmas period.


“We have been lucky not to have had much severe weather over this winter yet, however it is worrying that this is what debris can cause regardless.


“I’m grateful to the team at Scottish Water for having cleared the debris, allowing the water to drain properly, and would ask members of the public to be vigilant to such debris – especially during the winter months.”