A funding boost delivered by the Scottish Government for NHS Forth Valley will support frontline health care and help meet new demands across Stirling and the Forth Valley area, SNP MSP Bruce Crawford has said.


NHS Forth Valley is set to receive an extra £16.4 million compared to last year – taking the total investment from the SNP Scottish Government for the year ahead to £506.8 million.


The commitment is part of a funding increase of over £400 million across Scotland – and NHS staff are also set to benefit from the ending of the public sector pay cap, boosting wages for hard working nurses, doctors, cleaners and clerical staff throughout the NHS.


Commenting, Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford said:


“The SNP in Government continues to deliver for our NHS in Stirling and throughout the Forth Valley area.


“The extra £16.4 million will ensure that Scotland continues to have the best performing NHS across the UK – with lower waiting times and higher patient satisfaction.


“NHS Forth Valley having an extra £16.4 million in funding for the coming year will be transformational for our communities – supporting frontline health care in the Stirling area and helping us meet new demands and pressures across primary, community and social care, as well as in mental health.


“And this SNP Scottish Government budget also delivers a pay rise for workers in our NHS – the only part of the UK to make such a commitment, proving that when it comes to supporting workers in our NHS, only the SNP can be trusted.”