Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has received assurances from Glasgow Airport over proposed new flight paths.


The new flight paths are designed to be compatible with a satellite navigation system that will use less fuel and will fly over newer residential areas.


Concerns had been raised by residents in and around the Fintry area with Mr Crawford’s office over the new INLIS route that would take aircraft through the southern part of the Stirling Constituency.


Mr Crawford raised these concerns with Glasgow Airport and has since received assurances in a letter from senior officials in a letter stating:


“I would like to assure you that the proposed INLIS route does not overfly any local communities in your constituency. In terms of usage, we estimate there will less than one aircraft per hour using the route and by the time they reach your constituency they will be at an altitude of between 8,300 and 10,900 feet, if not higher.”


In line with the Department for Transport guidance, aircraft flights above 7,000 feet are no longer considered an environmental priority for noise pollution.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“The current flight paths at Glasgow Airport have been in place since 1987 and technology in aviation has moved on dramatically since then.


“These new satellite guided systems will bring Glasgow Airport’s flight path operations into the 21st Century and are designed to cut flight time, reduce CO2 emissions, and fly over fewer residential areas. However, the new proposed INLIS flight path has caused some concern amongst constituents as it would appear to come close to the Fintry area.


“It was important that I raised these concerns with Glasgow Airport’s Chief Executive immediately as they are currently undertaking a consultation over these proposals.


“I have since received assurances from Glasgow Airport that no aircraft on these flight paths will fly directly over any communities in my constituency and that aircraft using the proposed INLIS path will be between 8,300 to almost 11,000 feet when travelling across the Stirling area.


“The consultation is still live and I would urge constituents to make their views known by visiting: