Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has called out so-called “dirty campers” in a debate at Holyrood this week. 

Mr Crawford pointed to a number of recent incidents in the rural Stirling area since lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, where some people have left behind masses of litter, including tents, sleeping bags, and barbecues. 

This comes after around 20 people were charged in one single weekend over the summer for breaking local by-laws in the rural Stirling area. The damage they left behind included serious damage to ancient woodland trees. 

Mr Crawford also pointed to large numbers of people gathering in rural communities during fair-weather weekends, and the challenges that services and residents faced as a result. 

Commenting, Bruce Crawford MSP said:

“I often boast in Parliament about the beauty of the Stirling area, and am the first to encourage people to visit, and that hasn’t changed. A few people, however, has come to treat the place with utter disrespect in recent weeks, and this has to stop. 

“Tents, sleeping bags, barbecues, and even human waste have all been reported to me and others, having been left behind by some of those visiting. A few weeks ago, when I saw the images of the fire damage done to some of our ancient trees, I was filled with anger and sadness. How dare these people come here to do that to our amazing natural surroundings and communities?

“Local by-laws are in place to help ensure that people who do camp, do so responsibly. And for the most part, people do. However, a minority of people are causing serious damage, therefore I welcomed the opportunity to raise in parliament the impact that I know this is having on areas of rural Stirling.

“I am grateful for the work that Police Scotland, the National Park, Stirling Council, and other local community groups have undertaken over the summer to help tackle this. Alongside MP Alyn Smith and other representatives, I stand ready to help to do what it takes to encourage people to visit our local area responsibly.”

Watch the full video here: