Motion to Parliament demands new site for Starthyre mast

Stirling SNP MSP Bruce Crawford has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament, demanding that a new site be found for a recently approved smart meter mast to be erected in Strathyre.


The planning application was recently approved by Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, despite being faced with strong objections from local people.


Mr Crawford’s motion, which has been signed by a number of MSP colleagues, calls on the applicant, Arqiva, to “seriously consider an alternative location.”


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“Strathyre and its surrounding area benefits from outstanding natural beauty, and protecting this must always be taken into consideration when applications such as this are submitted.


“I am disappointed in the decision that has been reached on this planning application, although I respect the strict processes that are undertaken in order to do so.


“Therefore, I am calling on Arqiva to seriously consider an alternative location for this smart meter mast, and I am pleased that a number of MSP colleagues have backed my calls through this parliamentary motion.”


SNP Councillor Evelyn Tweed, who gave evidence on behalf of the community in objection to this application, added:


“Local people feel very strongly about the location of this mast, and the decision that has been taken will be a disappointment to them.


“I am pleased that Bruce Crawford has raised this in Parliament and that MSPs from across the country are backing calls for Arqiva to consider an alternative location.


“I hope that Arqiva take this call seriously and put what the community wants first.”


Transport Scotland to consider crossing at Strathyre

Following correspondence from local MSP Bruce Crawford, Transport Scotland have said that they will begin assessments of the need for a pedestrian crossing on the A84 through Strathyre village.


Mr Crawford, backing calls from the local community, had written to Transport Scotland to call for a crossing over the Min road through the village, citing an increase in the local population, a rise in the number of pupils attending the local primary school, and record tourist numbers to Scotland being major factors that make it necessary for this issue to be explored.


If Transport Scotland identify the need for a crossing, they will carry out a consultation with the local community on how best to implement it.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“I am pleased that Transport Scotland have listened to the needs and concerns of the local community in Strathyre, following my letter during the summer period. There is a strong case for a proper pedestrian crossing over the main road – the population, tourist numbers and pupils attending the primary school have all increased in recent years. The shape of Strathyre has changed and we must look to how we can help to ensure it remains a safe and happy place to live, work and visit.


“I look forward to the result of this study, and will continue to work closely with the local community in campaigning for a pedestrian crossing in Strathyre.”

Crawford demands a crossing for Strathyre

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has written to Transport Scotland, calling for a new crossing to be installed on the A84 road through Strathyre.


Following a meeting with locals, Mr Crawford has backed residents’ calls for new infrastructure in the area that will ensure a safe crossing on the 30 mph road.


Mr Crawford has cited several changes in recent years that would warrant a rethink of how pedestrians access the road, including: an increase in the village population; increased pupils at the primary school; increased visitors to the area with new holiday homes, the new cycle route, shops and the local Broch Café.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“The shape of Strathyre has changed in recent years and it is only right that pedestrian safety in crossing the trunk road is taken into consideration. 


“There are now more people than ever visiting the area, living in the area, and, crucially, we have more pupils attending the local primary school than before.


“I was pleased to meet with local residents to discuss this issue and it’s clear that there is a local desire for this road to be made safer for pedestrians.


“I have written to Transport Scotland to ask that they consider these factors and I look forward to workin with the local community in campaigning on this issue.”