Crawford support’s Farmers’ Union campaign to protect livestock

Stirling SNP MSP Bruce Crawford is supporting an awareness campaign from NFU Scotland, encouraging dog owners to behave responsibly when out with their pets around livestock.


The campaign encourages dog owners to:


  • Keep dogs on a lead around livestock.
  • Be prepared with a lead, poo bags and to plan all walking routes.
  • Consider hazards such as cattle and look for alternative routes.
  • Pick up dog poo, as this can spread disease in livestock.


Commenting, Mr Crawford said:


“This is an important awareness-raising campaign from NFU Scotland, especially at this time of year when farmers will be preparing for lambing season.


“The Stirling Constituency is rich in countryside walks for owners to take their dogs, but people much behave responsibly and be alert to areas where there is livestock.


“Planning is key: always take a lead with you, and make sure you have enough poo bags to not leave anything behind that might be a health hazard to sheep and cattle.”

Trump and the Tories pose serious threat to Stirling produce

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford has warned the Tories are preparing to sell out over protections for top Stirling produce, risking Scotland’s global reputation for quality produce to strike a post-Brexit trade deal with Donald Trump.


The European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has this week penned an article warning of the risks of not finding agreement over maintaining protected status for valuable Scottish products.


The EU Protected Food Name scheme safeguards produce on the basis of geographical status or traditional recipe or method, giving legal protection against imitation and ensuring that premium products are not undermined, including Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb.


Scotch Whisky, one of the UK’s most valuable products for export, is also protected by a geographical indication under separate regulations.


The Tories have already set a worrying precedent by omitting protection for Scottish products from the EU-Canada trade deal (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreements (CETA).


Commenting, SNP MSP Bruce Crawford said:


“The EU Protected Food Name scheme has safeguarded high quality Scottish products from the Stirling Constituency, such as Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb, from cheap knock-offs.


“It is alarming that the EU’s chief negotiator says that the Westminster government has yet to reach an agreement with the EU to maintain the scheme. The danger is that the Tories are prepared to take this protection away and undercut our first class, wholesome produce in order to strike a quick trade deal with Donald Trump, whose priority is America First.


“We cannot afford to put Stirling’s valuable food sectors in the hands of the hard-line Brexiteer Tories, who think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it.
“Westminster’s Brexit shambles must not leave Scottish producers high and dry in the global marketplace – maintaining our place in Europe’s Single Market is the best way to prevent this.”

Local MSP backs Farmers’ Union’s calls to avoid destructive Brexit

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford has criticised the UK Government, following Downing Street’s latest statement regarding staying in the Customs Union following Brexit.


A Downing Street source said:


“We will not be staying in the Customs Union or joining a customs union…”


However, the NFU Scotland have since released a statement condemning the Tory position. NFUS Chief Executive, Scott Walker said:


“Trade with Europe is important to us, as are the trade agreements that Europe already has in place with countries around the world.

“Continued membership of the customs union would allow us to keep frictionless free trade with Europe while allowing us access to important world markets on terms that recognise the importance of maintaining domestic food production.”


The SNP are calling either the UK to remain in the Customs Union and the Single Market after Brexit, or for sufficient powers to be devolved to allow for Scotland to do so.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford – who also Convenes the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Constitution Committee – said:


“The negotiations over leaving the European Union have been nothing short of shambolic, however I am deeply concerned about how leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market will affect farms and farmers in my constituency.


“Neither the Stirling Constituency, nor Scotland voted to come out of the EU, however being put into the situation we are in, it must be approached with cool heads, not ideology, in order to gain the outcome that will do the least damage to our economy.


“It has already been confirmed by the Tory Brexit Secretary, David Davis, that reverting to World Trade Organisation rules would mean high tariffs on exporting products such as Scotch Beef and Lamb as well as dairy. This would be a severe blow to local farmers across the Stirling area.


“Staying in the Customs Union and the Single Market is the sure way to continue frictionless trade with the EU – our immediate neighbours and physically the easiest countries for us to sell our products to.


“Nobody voted in the EU referendum to be poorer as a result, it’s time the Tory Government stopped listening to their ideology-driven Brexiteers and started listening to the concerns of those representing farmers on such a critical matter.”