Crawford welcomes Cowie bus service improvements

First Bus have announced improvements to bus services through the Stirling area.


These include:

–          Improved student links.

–          Direct services to Stirling Care Village / Community Hospital.

–          Improvements on Stirling University Link.

–          Additional links to University from the Hillfoots.

–          Extended 54 service to provide direct link between Cowie and Community Hospital.

–          Additional evening journey on the 51 service route from Cowie to Stirling city centre.


Commenting, Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford said:


“Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Cowie Community Council on mounting an effective campaign in order to improve the level of bus service that the village receives.


“On behalf of local residents who had contacted me, I wrote to First Bus to raise my concerns about access to the Hospital and to Stirling city centre.


“I am pleased that First Bus have considered these concerns and have implemented changes to existing services to ensure that residents in Cowie have better direct routes to the Hospital and the city centre.


“Unfortunately, across the board we have seen fewer people use their local bus services. I would urge people to look at what’s available and use the bus where they can, which will go a long way in supporting local bus services.”

Local MSP calls for public health assurances following Cowie dust pollution

Local MSP Bruce Crawford was alerted to dust pollution in the Cowie area on Friday (4th May).


It is understood that SEPA received complaints and officers had discussed the matter with Norbord Europe Ltd who had advised of activity that led to the dust being released.


Mr Crawford wrote an urgent letter to the Chief Executive of SEPA, asking for confirmation that there is now no risk to public health and to be updated on measures being taken to prevent such an incident from happening again.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“The pollution caused by dust will have been very concerning for residents in Cowie and I am pleased that SEPA acted quickly to get to what appears to be the source of the issue.


“That said, many residents will want assurances that the air in their community is safe and that correct measures are being taken to prevent this sort of thing happening again.


“I have written to the Chief Executive of SEPA on this issue as a matter of urgency and look forward to his reply.”