Bruce speaking in Parliament for the final time, Tuesday 9th March 2021

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has offered his heartfelt thanks to constituents, supporters and staff members as he gave his final contribution to debate in the Scottish Parliament.

First elected in 1999, at the re-establishment of Scotland’s Parliament for the first time in almost 300 years, Bruce represented the Mid-Scotland & Fife region before being elected to represent the Stirling constituency in 2007.

For almost 22 years Mr Crawford has represented constituents in the Stirling area, assisting with a wide array of issues and campaigns.

Before becoming an MSP, Bruce Crawford was a councillor in Perth & Kinross, and Council Leader from 1995-1999.

After 33 years of serving as an elected public representative, Mr Crawford is retiring to spend more time with his family, in particular his grandchildren.

Stirling SNP MSP Bruce Crawford said:

‘It’s been the privilege and honour of my lifetime to serve my community as a representative within Scotland’s Parliament. I was there the day the Parliament reconvened, all those years ago, and I’ve seen first-hand the positive and visible difference Scottish Governments can make for the people of Scotland.

‘The restoration of Scotland’s Parliament marked a turning point in Scotland’s civic and political life. It gave Scotland’s people a voice, an institution on their side to fight for fairness and justice. Above all, it’s given Scotland restored hope and self-confidence. We’re a nation with troubles like any other – but we’re every bit as deserving of dignity, democracy and self-determination as anyone else.

‘I wish my successor and the future Scottish Government well in their efforts to live up to those ideals, and build a fairer, more prosperous Scotland for us all. Thank you to my wonderful supporters, staff members, parliamentary colleagues and above all – the constituents of Stirling, for their kindness and dedication for their families, loved ones and communities.’


Bruce’s final speech can be viewed here: