Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford raised the issue of people scamming vulnerable people in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak during First Minister’s Questions this week (Wednesday 24 June).

Trading Standards Scotland has issues a range of advice for people in relation to Covid-19 scams, including on what to look for from Contact Tracers. However, other scams include travel/accommodation cancellations, fake medical products and PPE, deliveries, cyber scams and online shopping.

In his question, Mr Crawford asked the First Minister if she agreed with him that such scammers are “the lowest of the low”. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon agreed with Mr Crawford’s remarks, pointing to a range of action that that Scottish Government has taken to tackle scammers, and committed to looking again in light of the issue being raised at what more can be done.

Bruce Crawford said:

 “People who engage in this type of dishonest and predatory activity really are the lowest of the low. However, this is particularly the case for people who are seeking to profit in this way by using the current pandemic situation we’re in.

 “I fully support the action that the Scottish Government is taking in this area, including educating people on the risks of scamming, and I’m pleased that following my question, the First Minister will now look again to assess if there’s anything more can be done to protect people.

 “Trading Standards Scotland have a page dedicated to Covid-19 related scams. I would urge people to read the information available, and familiarise themselves with the dangers of potential scammers.”

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