79.3% of people who have responded to a survey on 4G coverage from local MSP Bruce Crawford have said that their mobile tariff is not good value for money.


Mr Crawford wrote to households across rural Stirling communities with surveys on access to 4G mobile internet in their local area.


A number of residents also responded by email – totalling more than 500 responses from across the constituency.


The survey found that 71.7% of respondents said they could not connect to a 4G signal in their home, whilst only 20.8% said that they could connect to 4G elsewhere in their local community.


Mr Crawford’s survey has also provided a detailed breakdown of how specific mobile providers are performing in individual communities.


Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:


“Firstly, I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to fill in my survey. The number of responses I have received alone show just how important this issue is to local people.


“Connecting to 4G is hugely important both socially and economically – accessing important information and services online when out and about is part of everyday life and therefore getting a good, fast and reliable mobile internet connection is crucial.


“I know what mobile companies are telling us about coverage in the local area, however this survey has helped to paint a clear picture of the reality of the situation in a number of rural communities across the constituency – from Doune to Tyndrum, and from Buchlyvie to Drymen, it’s clear that more needs to be done to address a lack in 4G coverage.


“The fact that such a high proportion of people do not feel that their mobile tariff is even worth the money they are paying makes this a very serious matter, and mobile companies must wake up to this.


“I will be contacting mobile providers individually with specific stats about what my constituents – and their customers – are saying about the service they provide. There is no overnight fix to this, but a plan to deliver up to date mobile technology to these rural communities must be put in place.


“Whilst telecommunications are a reserved power to Westminster, the lack of any UK-wide strategy for 4G has led to the Scottish Government investing £25 million into an infill project to help deliver connectivity to some rural communities. However, I am keen to get companies that profit from providing these services talking about how they can take responsibility and deliver for my constituents.”

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